King Kong
V-Rex Skull - Limited Edition

The fiercest creature of Skull Island, the V-Rex is the only dinosaur brave enough to challenge the mighty Kong. An awesome predator stalking the tangled jungle in search of a meal, V-Rexes are the terrifying descendants of tyrannosaurs that roamed the earth many millions of years ago. On Skull Island, these beasts have evolved to new levels of terror, with huge jaws, lined with dozens of giant teeth.

The official collectibles from Peter Jackson’s epic retelling of the 1930’s classic film, ‘King Kong’. This unique range comes directly from the artists of Weta Workshop, the same team responsible for the creation of Kong’s world.


Sculpted By Weta Workshop's Jamie Beswarick
Size: approx. 10 " H (254mm) x 4 " W (102mm) x 7 " L (178mm)
Limited edition # 0253 of 4,000 pieces