King Kong
Venatosaurus Skull - Limited Edition

Lethal Venatosaurus packs stalk the jungles of Skull Island on the look out for prey. Ambitious predators, these wily carnivores hunt the mighty Brontosaurus herds that live on the island. When Carl Denham's expedition croses paths with a pack of hungry Venatosaurus, they are forced to run for their lives or become a meal for the rampaging dinosaurs.

This piece shows the bone structure of the Venatosaurus as it was conceived by the design team at Weta and accurately reflects the final look of the creature in the film.

The official collectibles from Peter Jackson's epic retelling of the 1930's classic film, 'King Kong'. This unique range comes directly from the artists of Weta Workshop, the same team responsible for the creation of Kong's world.



Sculpted By Weta Workshop's Jamie Beswarick
Size: approx. 8.5 " H (216mm) x 3.5 " W (89mm) x 5 " L (127mm)
Limited edition # 0703 of 4,000 pieces